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By on March 22nd, 2018 in Plumbing

What is the Best Drain Treatment for Your Home?

A household drain is a fickle thing. Too much hair, soap, or paper products can clog the drain and cause severe issues throughout the plumbing system. Occasionally, at regular intervals throughout the year, you’ll want to schedule professional drain cleaning. The right drain treatment can truly make your home more efficient. Plus, the lack of drainage clogs will save you money!

Pressure Washing

Most homeowners will turn to a drain snake for their drainage clogs. While occasionally effective for small clogs, a drain snake simply punches a hole through the mass. The built-up mess on the sides of the pipe are left untouched. A recurring clog will be an issue.

Pressure washing is an effective method to remove the clog and clean the interior of the pipes. There are a variety of pressure washing systems available for at-home use, though your best bet is always to hire a professional. With a clean pipe, now unclogged, you’re less likely to endure recurring, persistent clogs. High-pressure washing is also an effective tool for main sewer lines, which accumulate debris over time and clog with devastating results.

Regular Drain Treatments

If you’re not quite ready for pressure washing, there are regular drain treatments that have proven quite effective. For instance, prevention is the best form of treatment on the market. Avoid excessive hair buildup, paper products, feminine hygiene products, grease, oil, or large chunks of food debris. These items have all been found to cause persistent clogs.

To keep the system clean, consider using an enzyme treatment on the main line. You should use enzyme treatments seasonally to help significant clogs in the entire plumbing system.

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