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Heat Pumps Repair and Replacement in the Stoneham, MA Area

heat pump installation repair stonehamHeat pumps are an innovative way to heat a home, especially in this Massachusetts weather, where winters are harsh and fall can be just as chilly. It’s important that heat pump repair and replacement service you receive in Stoneham is top-notch quality. Be sure to select Silco Plumbing & Heating for your heat pump needs.

Heat Pump Installation

Having a heat pump installed in your home serves as an innovative way to heat your home. It acts to pump in air and use it to warm the property. In most cases, an external heat pump feeds into your furnace and heat exchanger, which then spreads warm air through your home. Commonly, this method is effective and easy to repair when it goes awry.

Electric Heat Pumps

Electric heat pumps use electricity to function. This means utility bills will reflect that use. If your heat pump is installed effectively and repaired appropriately, your electricity bills won’t skyrocket. Instead, they will remain within your budget while your heat pump still meets your home heating needs. The only way to ensure all of this is to go with Silco.

Emergency Heat Pump Repair Service

Homeowners need emergency heat pump repairs services for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common ways in which heat pumps malfunction:

  1. Insufficient production of hot/cold air
  2. Failure to blow warm air
  3. Constant operation

Most of these problems can be attributed to faulty thermostats or wiring, or to a problem with your home’s ductwork. Other common problems include low refrigerant levels, faulty time motors, and blockages in your condenser system. If your heat pump is not properly heating or cooling your home, don’t hesitate to call a professional technician! You deserve to have a heat pump that works.

Do you have further questions about emergency heat pump repair service? Contact Silco Plumbing today! We’re available 24/7 for all your heat pump repair needs.

Dedication to Our Customers

The dedication and state-of-the-art technology we bring to the table is unmatched in Stoneham. Heat pump repair and replacement isn’t something you should sacrifice. Go with the team with a real person answering the phones at any time of the day or night. Go with the team that guarantees 110% customer satisfaction. Go with Silco Plumbing & Heating. Call us today at (781) 438-8925.

Current Rebates

  • Mini-Split Heat Pumps – Rebates Up to $500
  • Air Source Heat Pumps – Base Rebates Up to $2,500, Income-Based Rebates Up to $6,000
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