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When you hear that you may need re-piping or extensive repair work, you probably dread the process. Mental images of your property getting torn apart can be incredibly stressful, especially since you rely on your plumbing to be in top condition. Don’t worry! There is a much better way. Silco Plumbing & Heating utilizes modern pipe lining technology called Re-Nu by Nu Flow to provide non-invasive pipe restoration services.

Nu Flow’s trenchless pipe restoration system, Re-Nu, is a cost-effective alternative to traditional dig methods of sewer pipe replacement. This service still offers the structural strength of a new pipe but keeps any digging to a minimum, saving home and business owners the mess, lost time, and reconstruction costs of dredging up root-infested or otherwise blocked pipes.

Our experienced drain experts in Middlesex County offer comprehensive drain services to customers across Stoneham, Medford, and Malden. We ensure that your pipes are properly lined to leave you worry-free over the years.

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What is the Pipe Relining Process?

The traditional method of replacing pipes involves digging up your yard to access this underground system. This process is costly and damaging to your home. To avoid all that work and damage, you can opt for pipe relining, a simple and environmentally friendly technique that will give your existing pipes new life.

When you choose pipe relining, our plumbers follow this process:

1. A sewer camera reveals a blocked or root-intruded pipe undefined

2. The pipe is cleaned with a scorpion cutting tool

3. A CIPP Liner is pulled into place and the bladder inflated until cured

4. Finally, the bladder is removed, leaving behind a structural “pipe within a pipe.”

At Silco Plumbing & Heating, we’ve spent years training with the latest in pipe relining techniques. We utilize reliable relining materials to mold the interior of an existing pipe, creating a smooth inner wall. The process does not require any digging, and we can access the broken pipe from your home’s clean-out. If the issue is more extensive, we may need to dig up a portion of the pipe to perform necessary repairs. No matter the issue, we’ll find a solution that will preserve your home and fix any plumbing problems.

Brand New Pipes, Less Waste, Eco-FriendlySave 35

Silco Plumbing & Heating can restore deteriorated and failing underground or in-building piping systems without creating landfill waste. The new liner acts as a barrier between water and pipe walls. Restored drain systems prevent pollutants from contaminating ground and surface water supply sources while ensuring no water is lost in the delivery process.

Why choose Re-Nu through our Middlesex County plumbers?

  • No digging- Trenchless repair means your floors, yard, trees, deck, and driveway are left untouched! Less time, less mess, and less money.
  • The right experience- As a certified Nu Flow installer, Silco Plumbing & Heating has the proper training and experience to get the job done right.
  • No limit to repairs- Nu Flow’s pull-in-place method can handle even the most difficult repairs, including large vertical pipes and multiple bends.
  • Long-term solution- By creating a pipe inside a pipe, Nu Flow’s process means no more hard scale buildup or root intrusion, permanently.

If you are interested in Re-Nu pipe restoration, contact our Middlesex County plumbers at Silco Plumbing & Heating at (781) 514-6200 today or download our Structural Liner Booklet for more information.

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