Banish the Bugs with Drain Fly Treatment

Banish the Bugs with Drain Fly Treatment

One of the most common pest problems in homes, restaurants, hospitals, schools and offices are flies that breed in or infest drains. Ick! It’s true. (To be fair, they ARE harmless, but still…ick!) In some cases, correct identification of fly species involved can help to locate all fly breeding sources and to choose correct methods of controlling the flying pests. The flies or gnats (as they are sometimes called) are called small flies.

Locating materials that allow these pests to breed is one of the toughest jobs in pest control. It would be simple if the fly infestations were caused by an easily seen pile of garbage or rotting fruit, but this is not often the case. The source is usually something small that has been over looked. Repeated inspections over many days will eventually show you where your problem lies.

Many people get frustrated and purchase fly sprays to knock down the flying pests, but the flies always return, because the source has not been located. A fly spray will give you temporary relief, but the pests will return. Most of the flies killed by a space spray have laid hundreds of eggs before you spray them!

Enter Silco Plumbing! Here at Silco, we specialize in effective yet affordable drain fly treatments. Say goodbye to pesky drain flies for good when you use one of our specialized drain fly treatment plans.

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