Electric Water Heater Services

Electric Water Heater Services in Stoneham, MA and Surrounding Areas

Electric water heaters have some advantages over gas heaters, making them a popular choice among Stoneham home and business owners. If something should go wrong with your unit, Silco Plumbing is an expert at electric water heater repair, replacement, and installation. Our highly skilled plumbers have years of service experience in the field and approach every job with that experience in mind. They can put a stop to your gas water heater problems before the situation becomes a crisis with our electric water heater leak detection services.

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“The Silco team was professional, quick, and got the job done. They charged us a very reasonable rate for the work and explained everything they did as they went along. When it looked like there was a hiccup with the work, they were extremely responsive and were able to resolve it within 12 hours of giving them the call -- even though it was actually not related to their work at all. We got quotes from three plumbers and I'm really glad we went with Silco. Y'all are the best!”
- Elena Ruiz

Electric Water Heater Repair for Stoneham Homes and Businesses

At Silco Plumbing, we understand how easy it can be to overlook your water heater, especially when you have so much going on with your business or family. Never let a minor issue snowball into something more serious: let our team perform electric water heater leak detection at your Stoneham property. Before we commence with repairs or possible replacements, we work with you to determine what option is best for your budget.

Expert Tips
- Gerard Silverio
Maintaining your electric water heater is crucial for its longevity and efficiency. As an expert in electric water heater services in Stoneham, MA, I advise you to regularly check the temperature and pressure relief valve. This valve ensures the safety of your unit by releasing excess pressure. Additionally, flushing your water heater annually removes sediment buildup, improving its performance. Lastly, insulating your water heater and pipes can help conserve energy and reduce heat loss. Remember, a well-maintained electric water heater guarantees a steady supply of hot water for your daily needs.
- Gerard Silverio

Reliable Electric Water Heater Replacement and Installation in Stoneham and Surrounding Areas

Stoneham homeowners have been coming to us for their electric water heater replacement and installation needs for many years. Our accurate electric water heater leak detection and repair is one of the biggest reasons for it. Homeowners need a reliable company they can count on, especially when the company is working around their family and other valuables. For the best electric water heater replacement and installation in Stoneham, turn to Silco Plumbing.

Fast Electric Water Heater Repair for Stoneham Businesses

Electric water heaters are often favored by Stoneham businesses because they are cheaper and easier to operate than gas. This is mostly because it does not require any additional ventilation, and businesses are outfitted with electricity, while not every building in Stoneham is supplied with natural gas. For fast and effective electric water heater repair, call Silco Plumbing today!

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Silco Plumbing is a family owned and operated business specializing in plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services. Since 1986, we have been assisting home and business owners in the Stoneham, MA area with honest and dependable work. From toilet replacement to sump pump repair, to water heater installation, Silco Plumbing covers it all. We won’t stop until the job is done. For an honest assessment and fair price, call our team today!

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