Common Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair or Replacement

Common Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair or Replacement

A hot shower at the end of a long day isn’t just one of life’s simple pleasures—it’s a daily necessity for most of us. That’s why a failing water heater can feel like a major household crisis. At Silco Plumbing, we understand the importance of a reliable hot water supply, and we’re here to help you recognize the signs that your water heater might be on the fritz. Whether it needs a quick fix or a full replacement, catching these signs early can save you from the unwelcome surprise of a cold shower.

Here Are the Telltale Signs to Watch For

1. Age: The Inevitable Timeline

The average lifespan of a traditional tank water heater is about 8-12 years. If yours is in this age range or older, it’s time to start monitoring it more closely for any decline in performance. Keep an eye on its birthday, because sometimes age alone is a good enough reason to consider a replacement, especially with newer, more energy-efficient models available.

2. Rusty Water: A Sign of Corrosion

If you start to notice rusty or brown-colored water coming from your hot taps, it could be a sign of corrosion inside your water heater tank. Rust is a clear indicator that your tank is deteriorating and may start to leak soon. Note: Make sure the rust is coming from the water heater by checking if the cold water is clear.

3. Water Around the Heater: Leaks and Seepage

Water should be in your tank, not around it. If you notice moisture, drips, or any pooling water around the base of your water heater, it’s a sign that there may be a small leak or crack in the tank. Because these issues can quickly escalate, it’s important to address them promptly.

4. Unreliable Hot Water: Hot Today, Cold Tomorrow

Is your morning shower becoming a game of hot-and-cold roulette? If you’re experiencing inconsistent hot water, or if it runs out much faster than it used to, your water heater might be struggling to keep up with demand due to sediment build-up or failing heating elements.

5. Strange Noises: Bumps in the Night (or Day)

A water heater should do its job quietly. If you start hearing rumbling, banging, or popping noises, it’s likely due to sediment buildup on the bottom of the tank. This can lead to inefficiency and increased damage over time, as the sediment forces your heater to work harder.

6. Increasing Energy Bills: The Cost of Discomfort

An unexpected rise in your energy bills can often be traced back to an inefficient water heater. As it ages or accumulates sediment, your heater requires more energy to heat the same amount of water, leading to higher bills.

What’s Next? Repair or Replace?

If you’re noticing any of these signs, it might be time to give Silco Plumbing a call. Some issues, like sediment buildup or a faulty heating element, can often be repaired. However, if your water heater is old, showing signs of significant wear, or continuously needing repairs, replacement might be the more cost-effective and efficient option.

Embrace Peace of Mind with Silco Plumbing

Your water heater is an essential component of your home’s comfort system. Recognizing these signs and acting on them can prevent the inconvenience of unexpected breakdowns and costly emergency replacements. At Silco Plumbing, we’re committed to providing you with expert advice and solutions for your water heater needs, ensuring you can enjoy that end-of-day hot shower without worry.

Contact Silco Plumbing Today!

Remember, regular maintenance can extend the life of your water heater and prevent many common issues. Whether you need a routine check-up, urgent repairs, or advice on upgrading to a new, energy-efficient model, the Silco Plumbing team is here to help. Reach out to us online or call (781) 438-8925 and let’s keep your water heating system in top condition.

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