Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation Service in Peabody, MA

The installation of a gas boiler on an electric boiler has many advantages to a forced air system when it comes to heating your home or business. It can provide cleaner air and more energy efficient heat. Call the experts at Silco Plumbing when you are having a boiler installed in your Peabody home or commercial property. Our contractors possess years of experience you can trust to really get your new boiler installation done the right way the first time.

Certified Gas Boiler Installation in Peabody

Gas boilers are a fantastic option for providing heating to your residential or business property. When you need to have a large amount of square footage heated, a gas boiler can provide plenty of heat for a relatively low cost. Installing a new gas boiler requires the running of natural gas lines and ventilation of the heating element, and when you call Silco Plumbing, you understand you are getting an expert contractor that will get the job done quick, clean, and safe.

Electric Boiler Installation You Can Trust in Peabody

Electric boilers are well suited for the efficient heating of smaller spaces with a far more affordable unit and without the additional hurdles of installation that come along with a gas boiler installation. The installation of an electric boiler is very compact, making it a good choice when access to outside ventilation isn’t easily accessible. The pros at Silco Plumbing in Peabody are equipped to handle all the electrical work in your new boiler installation without having to hire an outside contractor to run electrical lines to your installation site.

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