Prevention for Frozen Pipes

Prevention for Frozen Pipes

Winterizing House Pipes

When cold weather rolls in, the most common plumbing issue people face is a frozen pipe. The frigid temperatures can cause your home’s infrastructure to freeze, resulting in frozen pipes that can burst or put pressure on the rest of your system. Do yourself a favor and avoid this preventable problem by doing the following:

Cover Up Any Exposed Pipes

Pipes are at the highest risk of freezing when they are not properly insulated. These exposed pipes can often be found in attics, basements, or other areas not inside the main part of your home. Purchase a fitted cover for the pipe that will provide a little extra protection when the weather turns icy.

Let Your Faucets Drip on Especially Cold Nights

If it seems like a pipe is in danger of freezing, allow the attached faucet to drip slightly but steadily. The constant flow of water will ease pressure on the plumbing system and prevent your pipes from bursting later on.

Keep Your House Warm Inside

The toastier your home is, the less likely it is that your pipes will get dangerously cold. Even when you’re not at home, try to keep your house reasonably warm to prevent anything from icing over. It might make your electricity bill a little higher, but the extra cost is worth it if it prevents your pipes from bursting. Try to keep your thermostat set above 60 degrees if you can help it — the warmer, the better.

Hire a Professional to Examine Your Plumbing System

Before the winter weather becomes really intense, have a plumbing professional examine your house. They’ll be able to spot weaknesses in your system that you might not notice and conduct a thorough examination of your entire home.

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