Money-Saving AC Maintenance Tips

Money-Saving AC Maintenance Tips

A lack of proper maintenance is undeniably the #1 reason that homeowners experience problems with their AC systems. Regular maintenance is crucial if you want your air conditioning system to run smoothly. When you take the time to properly care for your HVAC system, you’ll drastically reduce the number of repairs that may be needed.

  • Dirty filters. Changing your filters (at least once per month) is important! If you want to extend the lifespan of your AC system (thereby saving serious dollars), try not to let your filters get too clogged with dirt or debris. Periodically check in every now and then – it’s also helpful to create your own maintenance schedule so that you can create reminders and ensure that you don’t forget to check your filters. This is one of the most important AC maintenance tasks!
  • A malfunctioning thermostat. Issues with your thermostat can impact how much heat or cool air is being produced in your home. Check in on your thermostat every now and again, to make sure that it’s working properly.
  • Age, or general mechanical wear and tear. If your air conditioning or heating system is well past its prime or has endured long-term wear and tear, it may cease to function properly. This is normal. Don’t be afraid to throw in the towel and get a new AC unit, in this case. You definitely don’t want to waste money on repairs, which CAN happen if you don’t get a new unit.

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