Springtime Air Conditioner Repair Tips

Springtime Air Conditioner Repair Tips

How to Fix Home AC

Springtime is in the air! And, you know what that means. (No, we’re not talking about flowers blooming.) It’s time to think about your AC unit – after all, summer is right around the corner. If you want to ensure that your AC unit is functioning properly, just in time for the hot temps, it’s time to learn some repair tips.

  • Change your filter. We can’t state this one enough! Changing your air filter is important because these tend to get seriously clogged with unwelcome debris. Here at Silco, we recommend changing your filter at least once per month, if not more. You can also closely monitor it and change it when it looks clogged. Not only will keeping your filters clean help prolong your unit’s lifespan – this will also help stave off any potential repairs. (Dirty filters are one of the most common culprits behind repairs!)
  • Clean your AC as you would anything else! AC units need tender love and care, just as anything else in your home. Take the time to clean your AC’s fan blades, condenser coils, and other parts. Just remember to be careful when doing so.
  • Hire a pro. When it comes to thorough AC cleaning, there’s no substitute for what a professional technician can do! When you book a routine maintenance checkup with an AC expert, you’ll ensure that the job gets done well – which bodes well for the efficiency of your AC!

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