5 Tips for Choosing A Good Plumber in the North Shore (Massachusetts) Area

5 Tips for Choosing A Good Plumber in the North Shore (Massachusetts) Area

Selecting the right plumber for your home or business is an important consideration for many. Chances are, if you’re anything like us, you want someone reliable. Plumbers provide vital services to ensure our homes are clean and functioning correctly, and we all want to select the right plumber the first time. Here are five tips for choosing a good plumber in the North Shore area.


Almost every state in the country, including Massachusetts, requires plumbers to hold appropriate licensing. When researching an ideal plumbing candidate for your home or business, be sure to investigate licensing.


All plumbers should hold adequate coverage to cover mistakes and injuries. In some cases, plumbing companies are even bonded. Insurance is designed to protect both the plumber and you, the customer, just in case something goes awry.

Business History

How long a business has been around truly does make a difference. At least, in the eyes of the community, it does. Ask a plumber how long they have been in business. You’re likely to stumble across a professional with years of experience. Those years equate to skill and efficiency.


As a homeowner, or even as a business owner, you’re likely focused on sticking within a budget. When choosing a good plumber, consider prices for their services. You will want to receive at least three estimates from various plumbing service providers throughout the area.


Lastly, check out a few online reviews. People have something to say about companies they work for, and many take to Google and Yelp to provide their feedback – good or bad. You can receive a lot of insight into a business and how they operate.

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